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Thanksgiving PPP Cropped copy

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Happy Thanksgiving from your fellow Pigs! Remember, Turkey tastes better that pork!

Thanksgiving PPP Cropped copy

So pull out that turkey and let it bake and broil! Get the [meatless] stuffing and don’t buy any bacon! Set out the (harmless) cranberry sauce and gravy! But please, don’t eat any pigs…that would make you a swine of a cannibal. Terrible thing, really! I hear beef tastes delightful. Nothing like eating corn though. Corn is the best.

We should all love corn.

A lot.

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PPP 1.7.10

Welcome to PPP City, the New 1.7.10 Map!

Near the Fountain

Near the Fountain

Welcome to the new 1.7.10 Map! You’ll find a diverse and exciting city to explore: PPP City! Built, imagined, and organized primarily by the one and only MiketheSheep, with a little intended collaboration from rest of the staff, there are apartments and shops galore. Cross the bridge, and you have entered into a world of shops owned by many Villagers, there is quite a variety. Explore to see the wonders, like the stunning Green House! Visit the Building of Warps to see old worlds (still incomplete, just hang tight).

Getting your own protected land is as simple as building a house! Just ask a staff member to protect it when you have built your home, and voila! You’re done. If you know the rules too, you will be able to rank up to Builder. Simple and straightforward, right? There are still some features underway and plans in the making. But I can assure you all, a lot of hard work has gone underway to bring you this new and simple style!

Old rules still apply, remember to keep good conduct and above all: respect others!

Have fun!

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Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Vday!

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PPP 1.0.0 Temp Map

Just wanted to give you guys an update because it seems to be a daily question.

Currently it is planned that the old map will return.

Please keep in mind that this is a very busy time of year so this may take a while to be set up again. Have patience or you will be trolled.

Merry Christmas!

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1.8 Released – Temp map up

Running in plain vanilla mode for now – don’t ask for creative mode or anything like that.  As soon as bukkit is up and our primary plugins for protection and what not are in, we will put the live maps back up.


There have been many significant changes in 1.8, so expect it to be a bit longer than normal – anywhere from several hours to a few days.  Until then, have fun, don’t be a douche bag, and build some neat stuff!

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Nightclub out – Spout Server/Client updated – SpoutBackpack returned

Nightclub appears to have been the culprit behind our endless server to busy messages – thanks to Mikethesheep for tracking it down.

Spout server and client have been updated.

SpoutBackpack makes a return now that it has multiworld support – hopefully curtailing our smuggling problem ;P

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A Video by Shane1884

Despite the fact that we here at PPP actively try to incite rage and anger, people still make videos about our server!  Imagine that.  This video was made by Shane1884 as he walks through the server a bit.  Enjoy!


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Towns, Showcases, and WIP Updates

Hey everyone!

The forums have yet again been updated, this time with a new category and five new sub-forums!
For all of you town makers go check out how to apply to become an official PPP town!
For all you other builders go post pictures and show off your building talents or even request help with projects!

If you are sign up for the forums contact MiketheSheep in game or through a private message so I can allow you to post on the forums!

Have a good weekend!

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Server Features Updates and Other Forums Updates

Go check out the new posts in the Server Features section of the forums, especially my Magnum Opus post… [Feature] – Chat Channels!  Not only will these help you get ready for the Eng test, but also they will help you learn about features you may not have even heard about!

Check back on the forums often for updates to the Server Features area and other pending updates!

Next addition to server features – Game descriptions, how to get to the games, and how to play as well as possible tournaments!

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LevelCraft Ranged in – Mob Arena out – Spout testing

Mob Arena was pulled due to performance issues on the server (what was causing days/nights to last too long, lava/water flowing weird/slow, etc)


Testing Spout features – purely optional, however there are additional features for those who also use the client.

Download – http://minedev.net/BukkitContrib/Spoutcraft.jar save someplace and launch it – connect like normal.

In game you can see demonstration of what it can do when creating a showcase.  Also juke boxes accept a few more items besides records to play custom music (small sample for now)


More to come on this as we test stability and if good, add functionality/features.

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